It isn’t big to make others feel small…


Over 46% of young people say that they’ve been bullied at some point in their lives. Teens everywhere are being bullied right now.

Bullying is making someone feel upset or hurting someone on purpose. It happens repeatedly, and there are many different types on bullying. Bullying happens mainly among teenagers and pre-teens.

Bullying comes in lots of different forms, like:

  • Verbal Bullying – making someone feel bad by calling them names or threatening them.
  • Physical Bullying – this is when a person hits someone, steals their things, or any kind of physical and aggressive contact.
  • Social Bullying – when someone is left out or made to feel like an outsider because of their sexuality or race.
  • Cyber Bullying – this type of bullying is when people abuse someone through the internet.


This blog is for teenagers who need some support. It also shows you the effects that bullying has on others. I hope you’ll realise the impact that bullying has. We should stick together and help put an end to this.

Let’s help banish bullying forever!