Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Cyberbullying happens a lot among teenagers. Let’s help stop these numbers from going up! If you see anyone being bullied on the internet, tell an adult you trust. They’ll know how to help. Here are some links if you need help or want some more facts on cyberbulling.

This website focuses completely on cyberbullying. It explains what cyberbullying actually is and even tells you why people might               cyberbully others. There’s a big section suggesting what you could do to take action and stand up to the bullying.


This link leads you to a page on the ‘Think U Know’ website which concentrates on bullying through the internet. They outline the differences between normal bullying and cyberbullying. Also, it gives you some information on the law against bullying. Be sure to check this website out for some helpful tips and info!

The Childline website is very popular. It creates a happy and helpful atmosphere. Click on the link above to find out more about how you can stop cyberbullying. While you there, you can even talk to a counsellor on the website to help express your emotions and problems. I would definately recommend Childline!