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Cyberbullying is a serious issue among teenagers your age and my age. We all use our iphones, Blackberry’s, and Samsung’s on a daily basis, right? Most of us have access to computers at home, in the library or at school. You’re reading this on the computer or your phone right now! The internet is everywhere. So is cyber bullying.

Cyberbullying is when a young person annoys, threatens, harasses, or teases another young person through the internet. Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied over popular websites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. It can also happen through texts messages.

Stop Cyberbullying!

One way to help prevent cyberbullying is to keep track of everything people say to you. That way, when you tell a parent or teacher about what’s been happening, you’ll have proof. Try not to reply to any messages, it can just encourage the bully.

You can also block the bully on your Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc.

No-one has the right to be bullied in any way. Remember, there are always parents, guardians, teachers and different websites which can help you stop and prevent anything from happening.

Stay safe online (:


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