‘Cyberbully’ The Film


Cyberbully is a film made by the American channel, ABC Family.

This film is about a teen called Taylor Hillridge, who is played by Emily Osment. She gets a laptop for her birthday, and decides to make a profile on a social networking site with her friends. Soon, a couple of mean girls from school decide to turn on her, and start sending her hate messages.  Taylor suffers from cyberbullying in the movie. Watch the film here to find out what happens to Taylor and how she handles the situation.

This movie encourages teens to stand up against cyberbullying. It also shows people the effects that cyberbullying has on others.

Cyberbullying happens often because of how much access we have to the internet. We should try and stop it as quickly as possible.

Giving out details online can be very dangerous. Make sure you don’t  give anyone your address or phone number, as this can lead to stalking. Remember to tell an adult you can trust if anyone harms you over the internet, they can help you.

Stay safe everyone! (: