The Semicolon Project


‘The Semicolon Project’ is a project to raise awareness about self harming. From April 16th, you might have seen many your teachers, your classmates or even strangers on the streets with a semicolon drawn or tattooed on their wrist. This is to support people fighting against suicide.

If you’re:

  • suicidal
  • depressed
  • unhappy
  • going through a broken heart,
  • you self harm
  • have anxiety
  • or you’ve lost a loved on,

you draw a semicolon on your wrist.

The semicolon represents where the sentence could’ve ended but didn’t. The author is you and the sentence is your life. You could have chosen to end your life but you didn’t.

‘The Semicolon Project’ Facebook page offer help to people going through tough times. They answer questions and give advice. If you have Facebook make sure to check it out:

Help by drawing a semicolon on your wrist. You can even take a picture and post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #semicolonproject416

photo (2)

So help support different people going through a tough phase in their life. You might even be the one having a hard time yourself! Their are so many people drawing semicolons on their wrist to support you and whoever else is experiencing suicidal thoughts. Remember, you’re not alone and their are always people to help you. ((:


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