Did you know?

Did you know?

Lets help make this number smaller! (;

Bullying affects the victim a lot. Not just physically and emotionally. It also affects their school work. Teenagers have admitted to skipping school because they are scared they will run into the bully.

Bullying can ruin lives. Skipping large amounts of school limits the victims education, and lowers grades. It will affect their success later on. They won’t be there for tests. How will they get a good job then? How would you feel if someone made you so scared that it could potentionally ruin your life? Bullying victims may start to lose friends. This can lead to deppresion, which makes things more harder for the victim. It makes everything 100 times more stressful. It isn’t fair. This is why bullying needs to stop. Schools are made so kids can learn in them, not abuse others!

Let’s all help to make school a happy atmosphere. The way it should be!


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