Did You Know?

Cyberbullying happens a lot among teenagers. Let’s help stop these numbers from going up! If you see anyone being bullied on the internet, tell an adult you trust. They’ll know how to help. Here are some links if you need help or want some more facts on cyberbulling. http://www.stopcyberbullying.org/ This website focuses completely on cyberbullying. […]


  Cyberbullying is a serious issue among teenagers your age and my age. We all use our iphones, Blackberry’s, and Samsung’s on a daily basis, right? Most of us have access to computers at home, in the library or at school. You’re reading this on the computer or your phone right now! The internet is everywhere. So is cyber bullying. […]

Demi Lovato on Eating Disorders and Bullying

In this interview, Demi Lovato talks about her eating disorders and her experiences on bullying. We all know Demi’s been an amazing inspiration to teen girls, and she talks about how she went through a hard time where other kids made fun of her weight and started to bully her. It got so bad that […]

Love Is All You Need?

Did you know that over half (55%) of lesbian, gay and bisexual young people have experienced homophobic bullying at school. Right this second, a teen will be bullied about their sexuality. Imagine a world where ‘Straight’ was considered ‘gay’ – and ‘gay’ was ‘straight’. A world where it was wrong for a woman and a man […]

The Semicolon Project

‘The Semicolon Project’ is a project to raise awareness about self harming. From April 16th, you might have seen many your teachers, your classmates or even strangers on the streets with a semicolon drawn or tattooed on their wrist. This is to support people fighting against suicide. If you’re: suicidal depressed unhappy going through a broken heart, […]

Did you know?

Lets help make this number smaller! (; Bullying affects the victim a lot. Not just physically and emotionally. It also affects their school work. Teenagers have admitted to skipping school because they are scared they will run into the bully. Bullying can ruin lives. Skipping large amounts of school limits the victims education, and lowers grades. It […]